Class Offerings

  • Intro to Guns
    • 2-hour class
    • $40
  • Holster Draw
    • 1-hour class
    • $20
  • Instructor Led Training
    • $40/hour
  • Concealed Carry
    • 16-hour class
    • $180
    • Group discounts available
    • Varied schedule, please see our calendar

Our Instructor

Michael Weis
NRA Range Safety Officer and Basic Pistol Instructor
Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor

“I am a retired firefighter and paramedic. I’ve been around firearms all my life. I started out with my first gun at age 8 with a little .22 pump-action Winchester. I grew up with guns and remember my dad bought me a 3-shot Mossberg when I was 12. Rabbit, squirrel and pheasant hunting have been a big part of my life. Over the years, I’ve owned all sorts of firearms and I also have done a fair amount of competition shooting over the last few years.

“A little background: I used to live in Texas and I was able to get my concealed carry permits in 2010. When I moved back to Illinois in 2014, Illinois had just passed the concealed carry law and I went ahead and got my permit for Illinois. Then through Wayne and Jim, I was persuaded to become a trainer and I completed the NRA instructor programs and I become a concealed carry permit instructor for the state of Illinois.

“I’m clearly a big Second Amendment supporter and I’m a lifetime member of the NRA. In my class, with my knowledge of pistol shooting and self-defense laws I really believe our students will get an excellent education. I believe everybody that is legal to carry a firearm should, that’s one of my goals. I really like our small class size here because there is a lot of one-on-one personal instruction at JW’s. We might even shoot as many as 350 rounds in a weekend, and I really enjoy the fact that we can shoot that much here at these classes.”